Funding FAQ

3a) Who is funding the evaluation work the Governance Group is doing?
The time spent by the Group is funded by the participants themselves, there is recompense of expenses for attending meetings funded by the Trust. The Trust itself is funded jointly by DOC and the Morgan Foundation.

3b) Who will fund these two projects if they do get the go ahead?
It is likely that funding will be a combination of donations from philanthropic trusts both in New Zealand and abroad, public donations from within New Zealand, and central government. The sheer magnitude of the costs involved require international funding and that has strategic importance as well, as one objectives would be to attain UNESCO World Heritage Status for Rakiura, and international interest from conservation organisations and eco-tourism is important for that.

3c) Will the islanders need to fund the projects?
No quite the opposite, in pure economic benefit terms the financial benefits for the islanders are major. Whether individual islanders take advantage of that is their concern, as with all such major investment projects, some people do some people don’t. There is more on this in the Economic and Social Impact report, here. We don’t expect increased tourism to increase infrastructure costs, for a number of reasons:

  • Predator Free status would attract higher spending tourists rather than increased numbers.
  • The tourist levy will also help cover costs of any additional infrastructure.
  • Quotas and higher prices can be used to limit numbers.

As for rates, the Councils participating in the Governance Group have not made any decision to contribute to the project as yet. Any such decision would be subject to the Council’s usual Annual/Long Term Planning public submission processes; whereby the Councils would identify any proposed funding contribution in their draft Annual Plans and then any party would have the opportunity to lodge a submission either in support of or opposition to such proposed contributions.