Leadership Group FAQ

2a) What is the Group’s mission?
It is to see if the concept of a predator free Rakiura is possible, building on the previous experience of clearing predators from the subantarctic islands and introducing the additional dimension of incorporating within the project the village of Oban and the economic activity associated with Stewart Island/Rakiura.

2b) How were the members of the Leadership Group decided?
The establishment group – DOC and Morgan Foundation – recognised a wide number of stakeholders would need to assemble in order to explore the feasibility of such a project. Membership of the group to steer the evaluation project through to a proposal was by invitation, ensuring that the necessary access to expertise would be available and relevant sector interest would be informed and consulted during the evaluation process. The Leadership Group membership is here.

2c) How representative is the Group?
The Leadership Group is not intended to ‘represent’ the entire community of interest. It has been formed in a way to ensure that everyone with an interest in the island has access to a communication channel. The role of representatives on the Group is to make sure everyone’s voice will be heard. The public also has the ability to contact the Group directly questions section of the website.

2d) What are the steps to finalising a proposal for public consideration?
There are many and we will work our way step by step through them, not all are known at the outset clearly as feedback from stakeholders is an essential part of the process. But as much as they are known right now, on the technical side we firstly they involve DOC deciding whether in concept the objective is feasible and providing an initial idea of how the project might be approached. An April 2014 overview on that is contained here and here. In addition, an appreciation of the likely economic an social impact is contained here. Once feedback on these specific pieces of work is received and considered, then a series of feasibility studies have to be completed. They will cover the following

  • A biosecurity plan (with options for managing the risks)
  • A scoping study of the predator fence (looking at best location, design specifications, cost, etc)
  • Detailed assessment of the options for eradication
  • Assessment of options for maintaining deer populations throughout the project