Meetings and Decision Making FAQ

4a) What is the purpose of the stakeholder meetings?
There have been a number of these events already and there are many more planned. To date (April 2014) there have been three sessions held with the islanders at the Community Centre in Half Moon Bay. More meetings will be more held both at the village and elsewhere around New Zealand, both with the public of New Zealand that own 85% of the island, with iwi who are the second largest land owners on Rakiura, with relevant statutory bodies who are responsible for administering the island, with business and recreational interests. We see these engagements as an essential part of working up a thorough evaluation so that in the event a proposal is assembled, stakeholders can make an informed decision on whether they wish it to be implemented.

4b) Do the islanders have the final say?
All stakeholders have to be consulted so clearly if a proposal fails to meet the regulatory requirements then in that case the final say would not be made by the islanders. But the township is an essential part of the concept and without the support of the community of Oban the project to make Rakiura predator free cannot happen. So once there is a full detailed proposal to consider, the town will have the opportunity to rule out any approaches that are unacceptable.