Message from Predator Free Rakiura Governance Group

The Predator Free Rakiura Governance Group met for the 7th time on Thursday May 14th in Invercargill.

As most of you know, the Governance Group asked for detailed options to be prepared on how any removal of predators from the Halfmoon Bay area might be achieved. This work has been concluded and the papers will be published and distributed as soon as possible. They will be released alongside a series of public workshops. Dates and details will available in the next SIN.

Despite the research, some uncertainties remain. In particular one big unknown is the home range size of kiore on Stewart Island Rakiura and how this might change when more dominant rat species are removed. More research is needed into their behavioural patterns to ensure that any ground-based operation could be guaranteed to remove them. This research could make a huge difference to the potential cost of the project, and therefore its chances of going ahead.

The costs of implementation are still being refined, and can vary depending on the different options. Some of the options will not be affordable, but they will allow a good conversation . Further work is required on the costs to ensure an accurate estimate is achieved.