Governance Group Update – April 2014

The Predator Free Rakiura Governance Group met for the third time on Stewart Island/ Rakiura on April 15th 2014. The key outcomes of the meeting were:

  • The Group will be forming a Trust  to enable fund raising for the project
  • The Governance Group held a public meeting on Stewart Island to keep the islanders up to date on progress.  In this meeting, the three completed documents were presented and discussed.  These were:
    • Technical aspect of the project (for the predator-free Halfmoon Bay project)
    • Predator fence preliminary outline document
    • Economic and social analysis paper
  • The community was also introduced to the Governance Group members and the mechanisms for engaging in the project, and for the Group to answer questions and address concerns were outlined.
  • The next stage of the process will include undertaking a full feasibility study comprising:
    • A biosecurity plan (with options for managing the risks)
    • A scoping study of the predator fence (looking at best location, design specifications, cost, etc)
    • Detailed assessment of the options for eradication
    • Assessment of options for maintaining deer populations throughout the project
  •  This work will take several months to complete. In the mean time, questions are welcome from the Stewart Island community, and anyone else interested in the project, through the following avenues:
    • Direct contact with the members of the Governance Group;
    • Updates on the website (be sure to make use of the Q&A page:), and;
    • Regular updates in Stewart Island News
  • Click here to watch the video of the meeting
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