Stewart Island -Halfmoon Bay

The papers agreed at the Predator Free Rakiura Governance Group on 11 March are available for consultation.

Rakiura Track, Stewart Island
Here are the key messages about the papers from that meeting:  

The Predator Free Rakiura project has been split into two phases:

  1. The Halfmoon Bay area
  2. The rest of the island and surrounding islands/islets
Phase One can only proceed with a predator fence, as it is the only way to greatly reduce predator invasion. The exact location for the fence is to be determined.
No eradication method has been chosen at this stage for either phase.
The economic and social benefits for Stewart Island/Rakiura are:
  • 88 permanent jobs
  • $10m per year into the local economy
  • Population increase of 116 people including 9 more children in the school
The investment in a Predator Free Rakiura stacks up for New Zealand, provided we include non-financial benefits such as saving native species.
The 12 people on the Governance Group are all available to discuss any of this further.

Predator Free Halfmoon Bay Project – Predator Fence Preliminary Outline

Economic Appraisal of Predator Free Stewart Island



Predator Free Halfmoon Bay Project – Technical Aspects Preliminary Outline by garethmorgannz

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