Response to Whiteboard questions from Community Meeting

Impact of poisons (if used):

  • health studies

  • impact on marine life

  • is there sufficient research into alternatives?

  • All FAQ 6a


  • Who will pay for biosecurity measures?

  • Who will pay for the upkeep/ replacement of the fence?

  • Will there be an impact on Stewart Island ratepayers?

  • What is the cost of the work so far/ in progress now and who is paying?

  • What will be the increase in infrastructure costs?

  • All FAQ 3a-c

Look at Lord Howe case study

We recognise Mary Molloy’s point that the Lord Howe Island eradication project has been poorly handled. As Mary rightly points out, the project team in that instance has not consulted with the local community very well so far. This is why we are working closely with the local community, and making as much information as possible available at each stage of the process to avoid repeating those mistakes. Once we know what the detailed proposal is, the Governance Group will look at bringing in external experts to discuss the issues with the local community. The Governance Group is in has contact with other predator eradication programmes, including Lord Howe Island, in order to share best practice and learn from each other. 

Will DOC do outcome monitoring?

Yes – the details of this will need to be developed as the project progresses

When can the community say yes or no?

FAQ 2d

Effect on deer:

FAQ 2d


  • What is the value of the fence versus destruction of habitat and unsightly nature?

  • Should Port William be included in the HMB area?

  • Can the locals use the wood felled from fence construction?

  • FAQ 2d

Ultimately, given current technology, a fence is needed for this project to proceed. So it will be up to all partners to weigh up whether the damage done by a fence is worth the tourism and ecological benefits that could arise.

Will a predator free area reduce birds ability to cope with predators if they reinvade, thereby compromising their long term survival?

Our native birds have not adapted to introduced predators thus far, so this is unlikely.

Does the group need an aquaculture representative?

This is being considered by the Governance Group

How can I stay in touch with what is happening? 

There are several ways that you can give feedback, ask questions and stay updated:

  • Direct contact with the members of the Governance Group;

  • Updates on the website (be sure to make use of the Q&A page:),

    1. Sign up for updates on the website, and;

    2. Regular updates in Stewart Island News