Timelines, Dates FAQ

7a) When will meetings be held to consider aspects of the project evaluation and proposal?
As of April 20th 2014, the meetings schedule is as follows (this is subject to change depending on how long it takes to complete the work). The full Governance Board meets on an ‘as needs’ basis, normally when it has papers to be considered from the various working groups set up to address particular issues.

  • First Governance Group meeting – Invercargill, Jan 23rd 2014

  • Second Governance Group meeting – Invercargill, March 11th 2014

  • Third Governance Group meeting – Oban, April 15th 2014

  • Next Group meeting anticipated – September 2014

  • First Oban village engagement – October 16th 2012, followed by a 2 week period for a village vote on the following proposition; “I support in principle the concept of a predator free Stewart Island / Rakiura but would like to know more before proving any plan – Yes / No” Of the 163 replies received 84% indicated they were in support of the evaluation.

  • Second Oban village engagement – May 9th 2013

  • Third Oban village engagement – April 15th 2014

  • Next Oban village engagement anticipated – near the end of 2014 or later depending on when the feasibility studies have been completed

  • Other meetings anticipated – there possibly will be workshops organised with various stakeholders on aspects of the evaluation and construction of a proposal. These are likely in 2015.