Work so far FAQ

5a) How reliable is the fence technology?
Fences are not infallible. They need to be well designed and constantly monitored as any fallen branches can cause breaches. Also the end of fences can cause problems with animals moving around them. However, DOC is continually reassessing best practice in these barriers and specifically looking at ways to reduce these issues for the Halfmoon Bay fence, such as building the fence onto wharves at either end.

5b) Economic benefits were promised with the formation of the National Park. What is different this time?
The estimates made for the National Park were optimistic, particularly given nothing tangible changed for visitors. We have not repeated this mistake. All estimates in this document are at the conservative end of the range. It was produced with expert input from TRC tourism on the social impacts, and in consultation with experts in DOC, Landcare Research, Waikato Uni, Lincoln Uni.